MIRKWOOD live music Schedule
April 2014
Fri. April 4th ~ Numbers, Showtime, Blood and Thunder, Stories Away, Folds Among Thieves,
                            Something Strange $8 COVER
Sat. April 5th ~  DJ Marley, Bobbie Hustle, Kenny P $5 COVER

        OSO BENEFIT SHOWS APRIL 11th & 12th
Suggested donation $5 to $10
Raffle with awesome prizes!
Fri. April 11th ~ The Vonvettas, The Lunasphere, Peregrine North, Lonely Drivers
Sat. April 12th ~  The Skablins, The High Council, Woodshed

Fri. April 18th ~ The Skys Have Eyes, and guests $5 COVER
Sat. April 19th ~  Skafest with The Skablins, The Longshots, Nigel Mustafa $10 COVER

Fri. April 25th ~ Individual Ave., JAR, Static, Service Animal $5 COVER
Sat. April 26th ~ The Skablins, The Good Wives, Silence, Under the Puddle, Finn Dixie $5 COVER

Fri. May 2nd ~ Prehumanity, Mixed Message, Root Legion, Jesters Secret $5 COVER
Sat. May 3rd ~ Moments, The Lunasphere, The City Comes Alive $5 COVER

Fri. May 9th ~ Groove Tramps, The Mongrel Jews, Dimestore Prophets, Mudflats Walkers $5 COVER
Sat. May 10th ~ Echo Reason, Non The Yes Man, Something Strange, Psycho Theory $5 COVER

Fri. May 16th ~ Rainy Day Devils, Steel Beans, Bluebird, Vaudeville Etiquette $5 COVER
Sat. May 17th ~ TAURUS BIRTHDAY PARTY with  The Skablins, The Lunasphere, 
                            Without Arms $5 COVER

Fri. May 23rd ~ The Winterlings, Denny Franzmann, Copperpot, Ragants Fly, Jesters Secret $5 COVER
Sat. May 24th ~ Motherlode, Hammertree, Silence, Zacks In County,  $5 COVER

       OSO BENEFIT SHOWS MAY 30th & 31st
Suggested donation $5 to $10
Raffle with awesome prizes!
Fri. May 30th ~ As Kingdoms Divide, Uncritical, and more!
Sat. May 31st ~ Kovington Project, Hell Camano, Victims of Eternity 

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“We hope you can make it. Nimble fingers and fishy breath make for species envy”