MIRKWOOD live music Schedule
August 2014
Fri. Aug. 8th ~ NEW BELGIUM BREWERS NIGTH with The Skablins, Rainy Day Devils,
                           Steel Beans, The Experience  $5 COVER
Sat. Aug. 9th ~ NEW MOON BENEFIT with Olde Ghost, Expired Logic, Negative Hole, Numb
                            $5 COVER

Fri. Aug. 15th ~ Maiden Voyage, Zacks in County, Dodgy Mountain Man, Shark the Herald $8 COVER
Sat. Aug. 16th ~ Mad John Boy, Lonely Drivers, Montreux, Dovers Grove $5 COVER

Fri. Aug. 22nd ~ Blood and Thunder, Pray for Locust, Toarn, Built By Madness $5 COVER
Sat. Aug. 23rd ~ Southender, Lonely Drivers, Right Your Wrongs, Toxic Kid $5 COVER

Fri. Aug.29th ~ Destroy Louis, A Sense of Gravity, Odyssey, Woodshed, Meraphoria $5 COVER
Sat. Aug. 30th ~ Galaxy, The Rat Race, Three Headed Cannibal $5 COVER 

September 2014
Fri. Sept. 5th ~ ISLAND HOPPER BREWERY NIGHT with Nigel Mustafa, The Skablins $5 COVER

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“We hope you can make it. Nimble fingers and fishy breath make for species envy”